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Trad Cordi Info Gallery

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Group photo taken during the Sept.'05 Teambuilding

WELCOME!....This is an interactive media supplement of the newsletter "WEAVES"... that was originally meant to keep Trad Cordi members interconnected and linked with friends in the global village.
The site shows the dynamic men and women of northern Philippines who are paving the way for upland entrepreneurs to be globally competitive. We believe that by sharing our ideas, our culture and the things we excel in, we also learn how to improve ourselves as a citizen of the world.

Why we call ourselves TRAD CORDIs. In order for this site not to get mixed up and confuse the official portal of our mother unit, we published this site as an interactive medium where we can share our images and ideas as private individuals. Except for the blog that is directly linked to this page, only nicknames are used to identify individuals and groups shown herein. Trad is trade without the "e" and Cordi is a shortened "Cordillera". We also welcome comments and suggestions to make this site more interesting to all. MABUHAY!  Administrator

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