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Trad Cordi Info Gallery

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Trad Cordi PR Section

Some say public relation or PR is praise release or puskol rupa, to the Trad Cordis, it is promoting skills, selling services and enticing the global market to look into the capabilities of Cordillera entrepreneurs.


The working press people from the radio, television and print has become a partner of the Trad Cordis in promoting livelihood opportunities and consumer welfare in the Cordillera. Here, Regional Caretaker Matet is shown interacting with members of the so called fourth estate that includes Cito Beltran of ANC ch21.


One has to be media friendly to be able to gain media mileage


Value added - In promoting trade and tourism in the area, we also enhance and develop local products to be globally competitive...



While in Baguio or in many parts of Benguet, one can tune in to "Kalakalan, Kabuhayan at Kaunlaran" radio talk show with Art and Andre at 999khz, DZEQ every Mondays from 9AM to 10AM.


OK, sit back and relax as I will present to you..






Occassional quizzmaster and perennial toastmaster, Sam can also orchestrate a symphony if the offer is right -a liter or gallon of coke