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Trad Cordi Info Gallery

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TC Kapuso & Kapamilya

Here, you'll see TC's candid moments captured during a recent teambuilding activity held in Baguio


Witching around can sometimes be trendy and fashionable especially when there is no Cinderella to be envious with


During mean and trying moments, it helps to have a load of self confidence


She's lost that loving feeling.


Ever wonder why keepers of the faith are also called men of the cloth? Obviously, this one is confused


The fuss is not about the workings of good and evil but rather on how to maintain peace and harmony among all traders. Sometimes it is OK to agree to disagree


Beelzebub, it's the devil set aside for me....anyway the wind blows nothing really matters..


She cant be the bride of Frankenstein or the Hunchback's Esmeralda. She must be more special and sophisticated than them.


The Ifontoc Prince is hereby directed to lead the Kankanaeys in a Lang-ay wine brewing competition.


It's a musicale play and not sumu wrestling