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Trad Cordi Info Gallery

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TC Housemates

Here, you'll see some Trad Cordi housemates with their smiling Big Brother.
Lower photos shows our mixed moods proving that we can also be absorbed and affected by any given situation.




It's really not bad to have a few problems. The only people who don't are in the cemetery.


..meanwhile, it helps to be cool and take things as they come even with a grain of salt. The Ifugaos would probably prefer "mamma",  "gawed" or 'bua".


Do you really think that we can beat our 10 Million target in sales?..


Happiness comes when you find out what you like to do better than anything else and do it so well that people will come to you and pay you to do it. -Samuel Graflin


elveysapelayo.jpg what are your programs in Ifugao... Did you say your name is Elvis?